Westwood Design – Baby Furniture – AMAZING company!


Four years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I were looking all over for furniture for her room.  We went to the usual places like Babies R US, Bellini and felt like we were settling for a crib.  Finally we went to Jordan’s Furniture. We found a crib we fell in love with, well honestly there were a few we fell in love with.  It was tax free weekend so we picked her crib and dresser.  It was made by Westwood Design.  It is solid and well made.  Now any of you who have purchased a crib or will be, you will encounter the sales people telling you to buy everything upfront (i.e. if you plan to convert the crib by the rails and toddler rail now) because however many years down the road the crib may no longer be made.  So we did like we were told and bought everything upfront.  It was delivered and we put the rails safely away for years down the road.

Cypress Point – Toffee Pine

Fast forward to now, my daughter just turned four and has decided she would like a big girl bed.  We go back to Jordan’s buy her a mattress and boxspring and thankfully we bought those rails because guess what – they no longer carry that manufacturer anymore and even worse, the crib is discontinued.  We pull the toddler bed apart, open the box with the rails and WHAT??????  One of the rails is completely destroyed, what will we do.  I call Jordan’s, they will have to speak to merchandising and get back to me (which they did a few days later).  I find that BuyBuy Baby carries this manufacturer but guess what they don’t stock any of these parts in the store.  Well for the heck of it let me call the manufacturer – guess what it is Saturday and they are closed.  AH HA, I will send them an email via their website and see if they can help me.  I let them know the situation and I get almost an immediate response from someone at the company.  She asks me to send her pictures and a date of when we purchased the furniture and where we purchased it.  Wow, ok no problem.  So I proceed to send her pictures (hubby and I take pictures of everything so of course we had a bunch to send).  What we found as we looked into this further was it appears Jordan’s or someone knew the product was damaged because the box was taped right where the damage was.  Here are some pictures of the damage, it is clear we could not use this at all:

Monday morning I get an email back from the company and the woman Donna says Wow what a mess.  We don’t make that crib anymore but we would like to send you rails in a color that is very similar. What is your address?  I felt at first like wow, maybe there are good people and good companies in this world but wait, will they really send me the rails?  I sent her my address and waited a few days.  Never heard back from her so I followed up with a couple more emails and received no response.  Ok, I guess it was too good to be true.  But me, being so persistent, called the manufacturer directly and spoke to someone in customer service who said Donna was not in yet but would get in touch with me later in the day.  I didn’t hear back from Donna.  What the heck…  I called back and was finally told that the rails were in the process of being prepped for shipping and they would send me a tracking number when they did finally ship.  Monday morning, Presidents Day I received the much anticipated tracking number.  Thursday the rails arrived and the box looked in perfect condition.  I was nervous though…

We decided to open the box and check the rails before we pull everything apart again.  The rails were in perfect condition – a complete sigh of relief.  My daughter’s bed is finally all put together and she has her big girl bed.

At the end of the day, I am completely impressed with the service I received from Westwood Design.  They really didn’t have to send me the rails, I bought them somewhere else – but they stand by their product.  I highly recommend their furniture but I do suggest you open every box that is delivered before storing it all away – you don’t want to have to deal with what we did.

Thank you Westwood Design – Thank you Donna and Megan!