New Yoplait Greek Yogurt Whips, yay or nay?

My manager recently told me about these new Yoplait Greek Whips.  She was telling me how much she liked them and how light they were.  This weekend when I was at the grocery store I decided to pick some up and try it.  They say only 100 calories.  So right off the bat I am not excited about the fake sugars.  Recently I have made an effort to try and limit my intake of fake sugars and have found that I really don’t like the taste anymore.  I tried a different Greek yogurt and I couldn’t even eat it because of the fake sugar taste.

Anywho…  Today I tried one of these Greek Yogurt Whips for my afternoon snack and you know what, I loved it.  A nice sweet treat, doesn’t taste diet, like fake sugar and it is very light and airy.  I actually took a picture and texted my manager to say she was 100% correct, delicious.  Loved!!!!!

I say these are a definite YAY!!!!!


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