Allergy Friendly Valentines

I have had a lot of fun looking for allergy friendly holiday ideas and of course I typically end up scouring Pinterest for ideas and then some how making them my own.  Valentine’s Day is no different.  This year is Juliana’s first year in her new school and I wanted to come up with an idea that is not just the standard store bought cards I normally do and I wanted to attach a small gift but because of her Celiac, I did not want it to be candy or food.  I went with the very popular (or so it seems on Pinterest) crayon hearts.

I am not the person who could sit and break everyone of Juliana’s crayons and she is actually very good with her crayons and we don’t have a bunch of broken ones.   So I took the “easy” way out and found unwrapped crayons on (my go to site for almost everything).

Unwrapped crayons:

Juliana, Chris and I broke up all of the crayons into a bowl and mixed them up.  I also bought the heart shaped pan on but did see them at the local party store (I am a sucker for at home shopping with free two day shipping).

Heart shaped pan:


I then put the heart shaped pan on a regular (foil lined) cookie sheet, set the oven at 300 degrees and filled the hearts so they were heaping in the middle.  The first batch I made I found that I didn’t put enough crayons in the heart mold and they came out sort of thin.


Now the Pin I saw said to pre-heat the oven at 250 degrees and let them melt for 10-15 mins.  I found that 300 degrees worked better and honestly, I let them stay in the oven until they were all melted.


Then once they cooled off on the stove top, you put them into the freezer for 15 mins to set them.  Then I popped them out of the molds.  Today we had a snow day so Juliana and I assembled the Valentine’s and here is what the finished product looks like:


I got candy bags at the local party store and was able to put two hearts in each bag.


I designed these cards in Pixelmator and sent then to Staples online for printing.  Here is a copy of the file if you are interested in using it:  Juliana Valentines to Print

Then finally some curly ribbon to make them look pretty.  I also love how Juliana signed her name.  This is a nice non-food Valentine that she helped make and put together for her friends.


Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!



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