Gluten Free – Celiac Friendly Birthday Cake

Year after year I have worked hard on making sure my daughter’s birthday cake matches the theme of her party and over the years I have had some amazing cakes but all of that was before she was diagnosed with Celiac.  And I just have to say, that I worked for many years with Paula the owner of Icing on the Cake in Newton, MA.  She is amazing and does amazing work.  I feel so terrible that we can no longer get her cakes but they are not gluten free.

So my search started and one of my co-workers told me about Gerardo’s in Westborough, MA.  They offer some gluten free treats.  I went at lunch one day to take a look and get some samples and they were delicious.  A few weeks before my daughter’s birthday party I called and ordered her cake (they don’t actually need this much time but my daughter’s birthday is New Years Eve so I like to plan a bit ahead of time).  I ordered a chocolate cake with Italian cream frosting and chocolate mousse filling.  I wanted a princess theme, I had to supply the decorations and told them I wanted pink and purple.

Here is what they designed:


It was absolutely beautiful and one of the best tasting cakes I have had.  And the best part (at least to my husband) was it only cost $75.00.  I usually order these very elaborate and bigger cakes and they can cost up to $200.  I thought this was great.  Juliana had a beautiful and delicious cake and it was safe for her to eat.  Everyone else enjoyed it too.  In our house everyone is gluten free for Juliana.

Here is a link to their website:


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