PopUp Play Castle

Maybe a month before Christmas I was doing my usual Facebook scrolling while watching TV.  I kept seeing this ad on there for PupUp Play design your own castle.  I got sucked right in and downloaded the app on my iPad.  I quickly began designing a one of a kind color your own castle for my daughter.  I designed a few different versions and then showed my husband.  He thought it was a really cool idea as well so we ordered one for her for her birthday.  Of course, the minute I ordered it I saw on their website that you can actually customize the name of the castle.  Obviously our castle needed to say Juliana’s Castle.  A princess must have her name on her castle.  Oh no, what will I do.  I searched online and contacted the company.  It may have even been a weekend when this all took place.  A gentlemen responded very quickly.  Cancelled my original order, walked me through how to find it in the app again, make the changes and then reorder.  I was so impressed with this company.

Here is a link to their website so you can design your own castle:  PopUp Play

Our custom designed castle cost around $110 and delivered within a week from ordering.  The night before my daughter’s birthday we built the castle so she could wake up to it.  Inside we had a few more wrapped boxes which included a new Cinderella dress and crown from Disney World and some Cinderella shoes.  Here are some pictures of the castle once we put it together.

She was so excited when she saw it.  She immediately went inside it to open the other gifts and to play.

The best thing about this castle is that it is very easy to put together and take apart and it stores flat.  We actually saved the box it came in and we store it in there when not being used.  At her birthday party we did a princess theme and left the castle set-up.  Her and her friends had so much fun coloring it and playing in it.

We are very pleased with this castle and hope it brings many years of enjoyment to our princess.


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