Organizing Tub Toys

Like most organizational and cooking dilemmas in my life, I look to Pinterest for ideas.  Organizing the billion tub guys we have was just one of them.  I had the net bags you get at Babies R Us or the fabric corner basket and well it started to feel like the toys were closing in on me in the shower.  Trying to shave my legs became a game of Twister and some how I never won.  Looking out at Pinterest there are many ideas.  I gathered a few pins and headed to my favorite organization store – The Container Store.

I found these great plastic baskets (like what I used when I was in college for showering.)  They have holes in the bottom so no water gets trapped in them and I also found great big suction cup hooks.  I bought three bins and six hooks and used the back wall of my shower.  Here is what is looks like:


Unfortunately we have way too many toys so there are times when they come crashing down in the tub.  However, I wanted to share because it has certainly made showers and baths much easier and I no longer have to play Twister to shave my legs.  Here is a link to the products I used:



Let me know what you think and share some of your ideas on tub toy storage.


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