So much, so little time…

I am that person who takes on way too much, freaks out because I am so busy and then tries to put 100% into everything because of course it must be just so.

Do you ever struggle with keeping it all together?  I am a mom, a wife, a manager and an employee.  Active member of the school PTO, friend, chauffeur – oh gosh where does the list end.  Cook, meal planner, shopper, helper…

A few things I use to help me keep it all together are my old fashioned Levenger Circa calendar and day planner and my new favorite app Any List.

Levenger is genius with their Circa products, my one MAJOR complaint about them is that they closed their store at the Pru in Boston.  How could they.  Any way.  Their planner is fabulous and so functional and I have a pretty purple leather cover for it.  I carry it with me everywhere to help manage and plan my life and my daughter’s.  It has great “apps” like mom and dad planning, meal planning, contacts, birthdays…  So much, and the pages are removable and replaceable.  LOVE!

Any List – FAVORITE new app on my phone.  I put our grocery list into this app and then share it with my husband, he can add to the list or go to the store, grab something off of the list and mark it purchased.  I also use the app to help with my auction planning for the school PTO.  As I drive by businesses I would like to ask for a donation from I add them to my list.

At work I use the old fashion email calendar 😉 but I find it very helpful to write everything down somewhere or else it is gone – forever…

How do you manage and keep track?  What tools do you use?


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